DCIPS Journey

DCIPS emerged as a turnkey contractor in 1983. It is fully equipped with –

  1. Complete design engineering capability.
  2. Modern and dedicated manufacturing facility.
  3. Competent resources for construction and installation services.

DCIPS has offered following systems to various clients based on technologies inherited and developed in-house :

  1. Bottom Ash :
    1. Intermittently operating JET PUMP system using water-filled storage hopper
    3. Disposal System with Closed loop recirculation
    4. Pneumatic Vacuum and Pressure Conveying
  2. Fly Ash WetSluicing : Flushing Apparatus, Feeder Ejector.
  3. Fly Ash Vacuum Conveying :
    1. Dry Disposal.
    2. Wet Disposal
  4. Fly Ash Pressure Conveying :
    1. Dry storage inSilo.
    2. Wet Disposal.
  5. Coal Mill Reject handling through Sluicing or belt conveyor system.
  6. Silo System with
    1. Dry Unloading
    2. Semi Dry Unloading
    3. Wet Unloading
  7. Ash Slurry Pumping & disposal system.
  8. Ash water and seal water pumping system.
  9. Instrument air and fluidising air system.
  10. Ash water recovery system from ash pond including clari flocculator or plate / tube Settler.
In 1984, DCIPS  entered into a long term technology transfer agreement with United Conveyor Corporation(UCC), USAfor transfer of technical know-how of Ash Handling Systems valid upto December 1992.

In 1990 and then in1993, DCIPS  entered into new agreements with UCC for further upgradation of technology which was valid till July 2000. DCIPS is now free to use all UCC technologies acquired through various technical collaborations with UCC.

DCIPS acquired latest UCC technology know-how in the following areas :-

  1. Bottom Ash Jet Pumping Systems.
  2. Fly Ash Vacuum Conveying System.
  3. Fly Ash Pressure Conveying Systems.
  4. Silo and Silo Unloading Systems.
  5. Bottom Ash Dewatering & Storage Bin systems.
DCIPS always strives for improvement and the quest for excellence has enabled tie up with foreign collaborator for the state of the art technology in slurry disposal. The technology of High Concentration slurry Disposal (HCSD) provides an effective answer to water – bourne pollution from Thermal Power Plants and this eco-friendly technology is destined to change the concept of slurry transportation and storage in near future. On the basis of this technology transfer DCIPS has executed HCSD  System Plant at 500MW plant of NTPC.
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