Resources Our Capabilities
Human  Resources

More than 500 motivated and experienced professionals are supporting various activities of the  Company as listed below :-

  • Design & Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Systems
  • Site Execution
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Supply of Spares
Equipment  Resources

Office  Automation

Fully computerized system of design engineering, connected by  LAN.

Manufacturing  Facility

State-of-the–art manufacturing facility near  Kolkata  Airport over 3 Acres (over 12,000 Sq. Mt.) of land having a covered shed of 4500 sq. Mt. The premises is equipped with standby  Diesel  Generating machine with total combined power generating capacity of 150 KV.

The Factory comprises of :-
  • Machine Shop
  • Assembly Shop
  • Light fabrication Shop
  • Heavy Fabrication Shop
  • Stores

Sophisticated  computer controlled machinery covers CNC type vertical milling machine, horizontal boring, center lathe & profile cutting machine.

Cranes available inFactory :-

  • Hydraulic Crane (1 Tonne & 3 Tonne capacity)
  • E.O.T. Crane (5 M. T., span= 12.5 mts)
  • E.O.T. Crane (3 M. T., span= 10.5 mts)
  • Mobile Cranes (5 T & 3 T)

Independent internal quality control & inspection department is equipped with delicate measuring instrument, experienced & dedicated technical personnel.


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