Our Overseas Work
Supplied pneumatic bed ash & fly ash handling plants with bolted Silos & Structures for 2 x 135 MWe CFBC boilers of Koniambo Nickel Project in New Caledonia, a French territory and European Economic Area (EEA) in South Pacific. Supply through Technip Seiffert GmbH against their order of July 2009, complying with European design standard CE and ISO 9001. Detailed documentation for installation by third party without DCIPS' supervision.
Foreign Association

DCIPS  has foreign  association / working arrangement with :-

  • Magaldi  Power  S.p.A.  Italy for Dry Bottom  Ash  System.
  • Technip  Seiffert  GmbH, Germany for Scraper Conveyor System & Mill Reject Handling  System.
  • Geho  Pump-Weir  Minerals, Netherlands for  HCSD  System / AEEL.
  • Kalenborn KalProtect, Germany for Basalt line pipe manufacturing & weat line Transportation  System.
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